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Below is a list of resources that can be found on the ENVISION website. To narrow the list, select one or more criteria from the filters below, then click "Apply".

WHO Guidance & Forms
March 2012 | WHO Guidance & Forms
Accelerating work to overcome the global impact of neglected tropical diseases – A roadmap for implementation [pdf 1.2Mb]
January 2012 | Videos
Watch video from the landmark meeting held on January 30, 2012 where 13 pharmaceutical companies; the U.S., U.K., and U.A.E governments; the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; the World Bank; and other global health organizations announced a new, coordinated push to accelerate progress toward eliminating or controlling 10 NTDs by the end of the decade. This pledge of renewed commitment, inspired by the WHO’s 2020 Roadmap on NTDs is being called the London Declaration.
WHO Guidance & Forms
December 2011 | WHO Guidance & Forms
Effective monitoring, epidemiological assessment and evaluation are necessary to achieve the aim of interrupting LF transmission.
January 2011 | Videos
The International Trachoma Initiative (ITI) and Pfizer go to Uganda to a school where children are receiving free antibiotic that treats and prevents blinding trachoma. ITI works with Pfizer Inc. and other international partners to eliminate blinding trachoma, an infectious eye disease that affects 41 million people, mostly women and children in remote areas that have limited access to water and sanitation. We have the tools to eliminate this disease by 2020. We need the political will to make it happen.
WHO Guidance & Forms
January 2011 | WHO Guidance & Forms
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