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Below is a list of resources that can be found on the ENVISION website. To narrow the list, select one or more criteria from the filters below, then click "Apply".

Job Aids
July 2016 | Job Aids
This new job aid, developed in collaboration with WHO, summarizes the key assessments for LF, from mapping, to Pre-TAS, TAS1, Pre-reTAS, TAS2, TAS3 and validation.  The job aid focuses on when each assessment is necessary and what decisions each assessment informs.  It also summarizes each assessment’s methodology and where to find more information.   
Publications & Reports
June 2016 | Publications & Reports
Uganda NTD Program Partners Planning Meeting, Country Lake Resort in Entebbe, Uganda, June 15-17, 2016 For millions of Ugandans the threat of contracting a neglected tropical disease (NTD) has decreased thanks to effective control strategies coordinated by the Ministry of Health’s Vector Control Division and supported by USAID.  
May 2016 | ENVISION Reports to USAID
April 2016 | Webinars
Dr. Abdel Direny shares Haiti’s experience conducting transmission assessment surveys in Haiti, and poses the question of whether five rounds of MDA are necessary in all cases.  Next, Dr. Jean-Jacques Tougoue presents on behalf of Dr. Ibikounle on Benin’s experience using health communication tools to educate communities about NTDs, sharing findings from a recent evaluation.  And finally, Mr. Daniel Cohn presents on behalf of Mr. Roland Bougma on Burkina Faso’s experience assessing and improving LF MDA coverage.  
March 2016 | Webinars
Pour commencer, le Dr Direny va nous faire partager son expérience sur l’évaluation des enquêtes sur la transmission en Haïti. Ensuite, le Dr Ibikounle nous parlera de son expérience, au Bénin, à évaluer l’efficacité des outils de communication sur la santé pour l’éducation et la sensibilisation des communautés aux MTN.  Finalement, Mr. Bougma nous feras part de son expérience au Burkina Faso ou il avait pour mission d’évaluer et améliorer la couverture du TDM contre la FL. Apres l
Other Guidance
March 2016 | Other Guidance
March 2016 | Tools
The WHO Integrated NTD Database consolidates all of a country's NTD data into a single repository that harmonizes data flow pathways, promotes country ownership of NTD programme data and improves data security. It strengthens effective data storage, data sharing and data management at the country level, as well as reporting through auto-generation of standardized reports required for submission to WHO and NTD partners.