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Below is a list of resources that can be found on the ENVISION website. To narrow the list, select one or more criteria from the filters below, then click "Apply".

June 2015 | Videos
ENVISION is partnering with the Global Trachoma Mapping Project, the largest infectious disease mapping exercise in history, to complete trachoma mapping in 2015. Watch this short video to learn how a partnership of over 20 organisations is working to survey the global prevalence of the blinding disease trachoma, in just three years.
WHO Guidance & Forms
May 2015 | WHO Guidance & Forms
The aims of this manual are: to propose a standardized approach for collecting data on STH when a TAS is conducted in the context of a programme for the elimination of lymphatic filariasis; and to provide guidance, on the basis of the data on STH obtained, on whether drugs for STH should continue to be administered regularly to the at-risk populations living in the area. These data will be useful for:
April 2015 | Videos
Hookworm. It's a parasite that endangers 1 in 3 women in developing countries. This puts moms, and their babies, at risk.
WHO Guidance & Forms
March 2015 | WHO Guidance & Forms
Publication details Editors: Shannath Merbs, MD, PhD, Serge Resnikov, MD, PhD, Amir Bedri Kello, MD, MSc, Silvio Mariotti, MD, Gregory Greene, MSPH, Sheila K West, PhDNumber of pages: iv, 72 p.Publication date: March 2015Languages: English and FrenchISBN: 9789241549011  Overview The second edition of this manual combines and updates material contained in three previous manuals on bilamellar tarsal rotation procedure, Trabut procedure, and the final assessment of candidate trichiasis surgeons.
WHO Guidance & Forms
February 2015 | WHO Guidance & Forms
Overview The presence, or absence, of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) can be seen as a proxy for poverty and for the success of interventions aimed at reducing poverty. Today, coverage of the public-health interventions recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) against NTDs may be interpreted as a proxy for universal health coverage and shared prosperity – in short, a proxy for coverage against neglect.
Training Materials
January 2015 | Training Materials
Objective: To prepare NTD programme managers to effectively manage AEs-f-MDA, SAEs and coincidental events. Modules: Treating patients Communicating with communities and the media; responding to rumors Determining if it was a SAE Reporting SAEs and AEs-f-MDA Investigating to determine causality Correcting the problem
Publications & Reports
November 2014 | Publications & Reports
Information on the geographical distribution of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) is essential to identify priority areas for intervention, estimate intervention needs, track progress in control and guide surveillance activities. This interactive mapping tool has been developed to help the planning and implementation of NTD control activities.
November 2014 | ENVISION Reports to USAID
Publications & Reports
July 2014 | Publications & Reports