Cameroon, Haiti and Uganda featured in USAID FRONTLINES

April 04, 2013

Check out the Mar/April issue of USAID's FrontLines on NTDs and Water, featuring three articles from the ENVISION project -

  1. Drug-Shoe Combination Aims to Stomp Out Haiti’s Neglected Diseases by Ann Varghese and Chris Glass, IMA World Health

  2. Trachoma vs. Technology by Phil Downs and Scott Torres, RTI International

  3. Cameroon Completes Its NTD Map by Claire Coveney and Emily Heck-Toubali, Helen Keller International

***Frontlines is an online news publication of the U.S. Agency for International Development which features articles about USAID; international development and humanitarian assistance efforts around the world; and the people who are dedicated to these efforts. It is produced bimonthly and distributed electronically and in print.

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