Data Quality Assessment protocol and tool piloted in Uganda

April 15, 2013

High coverage is essential for the success of preventive chemotherapy (PC) programs targeting NTDs, and drug distribution data is routinely reported. However, national NTD programs have only rarely conducted formal data quality assessments or “DQA” to evaluate the quality of reported data and data management systems, despite the widespread use of DQA for other public health interventions.

In response, RTI International as part of the ENVISION project has collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop a DQA protocol and tool, for use by national NTD programs to improve data collection and reporting for NTDs.  The purpose of this DQA is to validate the reported achievements within the monitoring and reporting system, and as well as to identify areas that need strengthening.

In April 2013, RTI worked with the Uganda National NTD Program and WHO to pilot the data quality assessment protocol for NTDs at 16 service delivery points across 4 districts which participated in mass drug administration campaigns in 2012.

The assessment consisted of verifying available reported results through comparison with recounted values for 5 indicators at village, sub-county, and district levels; as well as interviewing individuals involved in PC data compilation and reporting to qualitatively assess the PC data management system. An action plan was also developed, with recommended actions to address any areas that needed strengthening.  It was the first such assessment to ever have been conducted in Uganda.

Under the ENVISION project, RTI will continue working with WHO to field test the DQA Tool in other countries before the end of the year.  It is anticipated that the final protocol and tool will be part of WHO’s M&E Toolkit for NTDs for use by national NTD programs to strengthen their own data management and reporting system.

DQA team with representatives from MOH-Uganda, Namayingo District, RTI-Uganda, RTI-Nairobi, and WHO-Geneva

Community Medicine Distributors and Health Assistant recount the number of persons treated and drugs administered during the most recent MDA

Timothy Wakabi, RTI-Uganda, recounts the number of persons treated and drugs administered during the most recent MDA  

A Community Medicine Distributor explains how she recorded individuals treated and tablets administered during the most recent MDA


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