First TIPAC Facilitators Training Held in Uganda

March 01, 2013

The first facilitators training for the Tool for Integrated Planning and Costing, or TIPAC took place in February 2013, in Kampala, Uganda.  The objective of the week-long training was to prepare experts to train TIPAC users in countries where NTD control and elimination programs are being implemented.

Uzoma Nwankwo of the Nigerian FMOH noted, “This is an exciting tool to help country NTD Programmes cost and plan their activities.  This tool streamlines planning and makes budgeting and costing exercises much easier. It should be used by countries developing their NTD Master plan. TIPAC will be very useful to the Nigeria NTD programme."

At the TIPAC Facilitators training, attendees from the Ministries of Health of Uganda and Nigeria and from partner organizations FHI360 and World Vision International participated in numerous exercises to learn practical applications of the TIPAC while also building upon their training and facilitation skills.  Participants also discussed the rollout of TIPAC training and implementation in their own countries and regions, and provided feedback to inform further development of the training.

“The TIPAC is a great resource that will enable national neglected tropical disease (NTD) programs to cost and plan activities in their national strategic NTD plans.  This is a powerful tool for countries that enables multi-year planning for NTD programs,” said Kingsley Frimpong, an advisor for the FHI360 END in Africa Project and training participant.

The TIPAC is a Microsoft Excel-based program that helps national NTD programs accurately estimate the costs and funding gaps of public health NTD control and elimination programs. The NTD TIPAC can be used in conjunction with existing national NTD strategic plans and budgets in order to effectively plan and coordinate future program resources.  In order to meet the needs of the many countries ENVISION supports, the TIPAC is available in English, French, Portuguese, Bahasa, and Spanish.

Training participants from the Ministries of Health of Uganda and Nigeria and from FHI360 work through technical TIPAC exercises.

Elvis Van Dalen of World Vision International facilitates a TIPAC training session.

Dr. Wamboga Charles of the Ugandan Ministry of Health and Grace Rugambwa of RTI ENVISION Uganda work together to complete a budgeting scenario using the TIPAC.

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