Zithromax & Trachoma Training in Lichinga, Niassa

May 20, 2013

RTI International supported a 3-day training from May 15-17 on trachoma control and the use of Zithromax for provincial supervisors (doctors and health technicians) in preparation for the upcoming mass drug administration (MDA). In addition to participants from the 10 selected districts, the Ministry of Health (MOH) NTD Coordinator, Head Medical Doctor for Lichinga MOH, National Trachoma Focal Point, RTI Mozambique Resident Program Advisor for ENVISION, Logistics Coordinator for ENVISION, and Helen Keller International Director of NTD Control were also in attendance.

Mr. Chad MacArthur, Director of NTD Control, Helen Keller International, developed the training materials and helped lead the training.  The participatory training addressed several relevant issues, including the SAFE Strategy, trachoma in Mozambique, an introduction to Zithromax, social mobilization, side effects, preparation of oral suspension, registers and data base, and the role of the supervisor. 

The upcoming trachoma MDA will be the first in Mozambique, and it is planned for 10 districts in Niassa Province from June 17-23, following social mobilization and community awareness activities. Niassa is situated in the north of the country bordering with Cabo Delgado and Nampula. The International Trachoma Initiative (ITI) has donated approximately 500,000 Zithromax treatments.

“This training will motivate health professionals in knowing more about NTDs, in particular trachoma, and the health staff will also be happy to know they are more informed in treating trachoma”, explained the National Trachoma Focal Point, Dr. Mariamo.

Participants during the Zithromax/Trachoma Training from May 15-17,2013

MOH NTD Coordinator, Dr. Olga Amiel; RTI ENVISION Resident Program Advisor Sharone Backers; & National Trachoma Focal Point, Dr. Mariamo Abdala at the Zithromax/Trachoma Training





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