NTD Spotlights provide an opportunity to hear from NTD experts in the field on a range of current issues affecting NTD control and elimination activities.

A Competition for Nutrients

By Chad MacArthur, Helen Keller International 

One rainy Saturday evening in 2014, Wita Larasati and her husband ventured to their local mosque. They were answering their mayor’s personal call for all eligible residents to take treatment for lymphatic filariasis (LF), a painful and disfiguring parasitic infection. At the mosque, health workers asked the couple to complete a registry form and read an informational brochure before taking the pills.

ENVISION is working with national NTD program to use mobile technologies to improve data collection and timeliness of reporting. By using a flexible system called LINKS to facilitate data collection on mobile phones and/or tablets, NTD programs have a working platform for uploading surveys, collecting data, and downloading data onto a cloud server.  

Making a difference for generations to come.

By: Nabita Sharma, RTI International in Nepal 

How NTD programs can work with WASH programs for common goal of improved public health

By Chad MacArthur, HKI International

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