Monitoring and Evaluation for NTDs

ENVISION countries are in varying stages of program maturity, ranging from baseline mapping and scaling up MDA to transitioning to post-MDA surveillance. As a national NTD program matures, the M&E requirements also evolve. ENVISION’s M&E strategy aims to strengthen M&E capacity and promote the use of data for decision making.

Technical Assistance for NTD M&E for National NTD Programs

  • Setting targets and developing annual work plans
  • Collecting and managing data
  • Conducting supportive supervision
  • Monitoring coverage
  • Carrying out quality control exercises
  • Implementing disease specific assessments
  • Conducting post-MDA surveillance 

Evidence-Based Decision Making for NTD Programs

ENVISION aims to ensure quality data are accessible to inform national decision-making, and potentially corrective actions to address poor performing areas. ENVISION provides regular feedback and analysis to national NTD programs to support a culture of data use and strengthen local capacity to make programmatic decisions based on reported data. 

ENVISION has collaborated with global experts to lead the development of NTD M&E tools to address issues of data access and quality. RTI worked with WHO HQ, AFRO, SEARO, WPRO, APOC, and FPSU (formerly Centre for Neglected Tropical Diseases, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine [CNTD]) to develop the WHO Integrated NTD Database. This database enables countries to store, analyze, report, and use their data by ensuring that data are accessible in one location.

Together with the WHO, RTI led the development and roll-out of a Data Quality Assessment (DQA) tool specific to NTDs. By implementing a DQA, a national program can better understand the quality of their data and develop steps to improve the quality as needed.

ENVISION also continues to support the use of the Tool for Integrated Planning and Costing (TIPAC) tool to generate WHO’s Joint Request for Selected Medicines (JRSM), support strategic decisions, and produce information for use in advocacy materials.

M&E Resources

WHO Integrated NTD Database

Training - Integrated NTD Database Course

Data Quality Assessment (DQA)

Training - Data Quality Assessment (DQA) Course

Webinar: Assessing MDA coverage: Are we getting the coverage we need?

Training: WHO Transmission Assessment Survey TAS Training

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