More than 11 million people in Benin are at risk for one or more NTD. In 2007, Benin’s Ministry of Health (MOH) established the National Program for the Fight against Communicable Diseases (PNLMT) to address NTDs, providing treatment in communities and schools.

ENVISION support has been critical in helping the PNLMT to complete disease mapping and expand treatment to all people at risk for NTDs in Benin. Since 2013, ENVISION has assisted in district-level treatment campaigns for LF and onchocerciasis across all 67 endemic districts. ENVISION continues to support PNLMT as they work to expand treatment for SCH, STH and trachoma, to all people at risk.

In Benin, ENVISION has supported the Ministry of Health to:

Map 77 districts for SCH, STH, and trachoma 

Treat more than 4.8 million people for at least one NTD across 71 districts 

Train over 23,000 government officials, health workers, teachers, and community drug distributors on skills needed to effectively carry out mass treatment campaigns

Verify that LF transmission has stopped in 23 districts through support of the first surveillance TAS 

Strengthen Benin’s national M&E system by assessing data collection and reporting at all levels of NTD program implementation. Results have been used to improve the quality and timeliness of NTD data throughout the country. 

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