All of Senegal’s population, over 14 million people, are at risk for at least one NTD, with lymphatic filariasis (LF), onchocerciasis (oncho), schistosomiasis (schisto), soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH), and trachoma all endemic in the country. Support for NTD control and elimination is led by Senegal’s Ministry of Health and Social Work (MSAS), with ambitious goals for the control and elimination of NTDs by 2020.

ENVISION is helping to reach this goal by supporting Senegal’s national NTD program to implement treatment campaigns across 49 districts. ENVISION has provided critical assistance to MSAS to establish long-term strategies for NTD control and elimination, align treatment strategies with WHO guidance, and to plan and cost NTD activities. ENVISION continues to work with the MSAS to maintain high treatment coverage and monitor program impact through standard surveys for LF, oncho, schisto, STH, and trachoma.

In Senegal, ENVISION has supported the Ministry of Health to

Map 18 districts for trachoma, including sub-district level mapping in Touba, the country’s most populous district, paving the way for treatment where it is needed

Treat more than 6.4 million people for at least one NTD across 49 districts 

Train 2,197 health workers and 15,518 teachers and community distributors on skills needed to effectively carry out mass treatment campaigns*

Assess the impact of the trachoma program through 9 district-level surveys, determining that more than 1 million people are no longer at risk 

Strengthen Senegal’s NTD platform by helping to develop the first NTD manuals for health workers and community distributors, providing quick access to information needed to properly carry out the NTD treatment campaign

*Includes USAID support provided through PSSC II and ENVISION

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