All of the Ugandan population, over 37 million people, are at risk of contracting at least one of the seven most common NTDs. In 2013, Uganda’s Ministry of Health (MOH) launched an ambitious plan to control or eliminate NTDs by 2020.

ENVISION is helping to implement district-level treatment campaigns across 4 regions. ENVISION has supported Uganda’s MOH in creating an integrated platform for NTD interventions, which will provide the structure and human resources to sustain future efforts for controlling and eliminating NTDs.

In Uganda, ENVISION has supported the MOH to

Map 18 districts for LF, onchocerciasis, or trachoma
Treat more than 15 million people for at least one NTD across 80 districts
Train more than 161,000 government officials, health workers, teachers, and community drug distributors on skills needed to effectively carry out mass treatment campaigns
Assess the burden of lymphatic filariasis in 33 districts, determining that nearly 8 million people are no longer at risk because of effective treatments
Strengthen Uganda’s health system by assisting the MOH to implement an integrated NTD database, compiling data for all diseases into one centralized repository for better data management and use


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