Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

NTDs affect over 263 million people in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. National NTD programs in each of these countries have made considerable progress toward the control and elimination of NTDs, often serving as examples for the global NTD community.

The countries of Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam joined the ENVISION portfolio in October 2015, with previous support from USAID’s END in Asia project (2010-2015). In these countries, ENVISION’s focus is on providing targeted technical assistance to the national trachoma and LF programs to consolidate their remarkable successes in order to reach elimination. Cambodia has achieved validation of elimination of lymphatic filariasis (LF) from the World Health Organization (WHO), with Bangladesh, Laos and Vietnam all on track to meet 2020 targets. In 2017, Cambodia and Laos will also submit trachoma dossiers to WHO, the final step in validating elimination of trachoma as a blinding disease.

In addition, ENVISION is supporting strategic planning and advocacy for schistosomiasis programs in Cambodia and Laos to ensure appropriate measures are in place to sustain gains through improved water, sanitation and hygiene measures and intensified animal and human surveillance.

In Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, ENVISION has supported the Ministries of Health to

Develop schistosomiasis elimination strategies (2016-2020), in partnership with Ministries of Health and Agriculture in Laos and Cambodia and WHO, to ensure continued low prevalence in border communities along the Mekong River 

Coordinate with national and global stakeholders in Cambodia and Vietnam to provide resources and support data collection for confirming the elimination of LF and trachoma 

Train the Vietnam MOH on the Tool for Integrated Planning and Costing, allowing them to better estimate the costs and funding gaps for sustaining their NTD program 

Develop dossiers to document the elimination of LF or trachoma as public health problems in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam


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