All of Nepal’s population, over 27 million people, are at risk for at least one NTD. The Government of Nepal has set ambitious goals for eliminating trachoma by 2017, LF by 2020, and controlling STH.

ENVISION is helping to reach these goals by supporting treatment campaigns across 56 districts. ENVISION provides critical support to assess and monitor disease levels as they move toward elimination. In recent years, Nepal has made considerable progress in reducing the burden of LF and trachoma, with more than 9.8 million people no longer at risk for LF and more than 9.3 million people no longer at risk for trachoma.

IN NEPAL, ENVISION has supported the Federal Ministry of Health to

Map 27 districts for trachoma, representing more than 35% of the country 

Treat more than 17 million people for at least one NTD across 56 districts 

Train over 54,000 government officials, health workers, teachers, and community drug distributors on skills needed to effectively carry out mass treatment campaigns 

Assess the impact of the LF and trachoma programs through 28 district-level surveys 

Strengthen Nepal’s health system by developing national and district level teams to identify and assess disease prevalence, and report on NTD program impact


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